4 DIY Decorations For Your Patriotic Themed Event

Summertime is a great time for patriotic celebrations including Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. What’s a patriotic celebration without some awesome red, white and blue decorations?
From wreaths and banners to colorful streamers there are many simple and easy DIY decorations you can create to make your patriotic themed party one for the books!

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5 Tips for a Fun Memorial Day

What’s The Key To The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Bash? The Decorations!
Memorial Day is a time to appreciate those who gave all in the fight for freedom.We hope you find these ideas helpful in your quest to honor all of our military friends and family.
Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most exciting weekends of the year because it’s the weekend that screams, “HELLO SUMMER!” Getting together with friends and family while eating tasty food and yummy drinks is a big part of the holiday but no party is ready without fun and easy decorations!

Perfect Gift For Mom On Mother’s Day-A Party!

Mother’s Day is the one day where you get to show your mom how much you care and appreciate her (besides from any other day). Show mom how much you appreciate her, with a Mother’s Day party she will always remember. Two meal choices we like are brunch time or dinnertime.Both are great ideas depending on what Mom prefers. Brunch is a fun early event for your guests who need to prepare for work the next day. The theme of the party is very important because it sets the tone for the whole event in general. Some potential themes for Mother’s Day are Tea Party Brunch, Floral Theme, Fancy Flamingo Theme, A Mother Soiree Theme, and a Shabby Chic Picnic Theme. To get everything in order for the party, make a list of potential materials you will need. 1.Decorations 2.Invitations 3.Plates 4.Napkins

Hop Your Way To An Incredible Easter Party

The leaves are brightening, the flowers are blooming, and this must mean springtime is here! To start spring right, its time to celebrate Passover and Easter! Having holiday brunch or dinner? Your event planner blogger is here to guide you.
Spring colors are so bright and happy since now gloomy winter has passed. Spring colors can include green, yellow, purple, light blue, and pink. Your local party store has a variety of hanging decoration kits that you can choose from. There are string decorations, letter banners, paper lanterns, balloons, tissue paper, signs, cardstock and paper/plastic decorations.

Sweets and treats are always the highlight of the event because who doesn’t love a mouthwatering cupcake or brownie! You can do your own baking or have a bakery do it for you. There are all different kinds of cookie cutters and cake pans that you can use to bring life to your desserts! There are different options of cookie cutters and cake pans you can choose from su…

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Ideas For Your 2018 Event

When people hear the date, March 17, there is one thing that comes to mind: SAINT PATRICK’S DAY! From rainbow colors to shamrocks, below are some exciting ideas for your St. Patty’s Day Bash. This holiday has a simple color scheme making it easy to dress the part. The colors of the theme are green and gold. Try adding a fun note to your invitation about specific dress attire for the event. For example, the green St. Patrick’s Tuxedo shirt is a known outfit to wear on this magnificent day. To see more inspiration for invitations and attire check out Green food?! Sure! So many foods are green or can be tinted. Try some snacks before your meal such as lucky charm rice Krispy treats with green food coloring.  Creative chefs can create cucumbers shaped in a shamrock with a side of ranch dressing. Consider an all-time favorite, pizza, with shamrock shaped spinach on top. This is a fun and unique way to turn something from simple to festive. Drinks can also be f…

10 Children’s Birthday Theme Hacks

A child’s birthday party is one of the most exciting days of their lives. This is the day where all the attention is on them and they can enjoy a day of fun with friends and family!
There are a variety of themes that you can choose from starting with a princess party or even a superhero party. Choosing the right theme is the hard part and then once that is done bring on the fun!
Here are 10 fun child birthday party themes to get you started! 1.A Camping themed party 2.Candyland Party 3.Sports team 4.Pink Princess Themed Birthday Party 5.Pirate Party 6.Kids Harry Potter Theme 7.Vintage Race Car Theme 8.Minnie Mouse Theme